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Our agenda-setting research identifies the root causes of low social mobility and promotes effective solutions through education and employment.

Since 1997 we've published over 200 reports, many of which have gone on to influence national policy.


Major new cohort study examining the long-term impact of the pandemic on educational inequality and social mobility.

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Elitist Britain 2019

Analysis of the educational backgrounds of 5,000 of Britain's leading people.

24 June 2019
Pay As You Go?

We used YouGov data from thousands of young graduates and employers to paint a detailed picture of graduate internships.

23 November 2018
Unpaid, Unadvertised, Unfair

This brief analyses the latest data to examine the cost of taking an unpaid internship in 2018.

30 January 2018
Cabinet Analysis 2018

Our analysis of the educational background of Theresa May’s 2018 cabinet.

09 January 2018
Social Mobility 2017

We published three research reports to coincide with our Social Mobility 2017 summit.

11 July 2017
Parliamentary Privilege – The MPs 2017

Our analysis of the educational backgrounds of MPs after the June 2017 election.

10 June 2017
Mobility Manifesto 2017

Our Mobility Manifesto sets out ten policies to put social mobility at the heart of the 2017 election campaign.

03 May 2017
Access to Banking Polling

Our polling through YouGov shows barriers to access for disadvantaged students in the banking and finance sectors.

07 March 2017
Class Ceiling

This report summarises the APPG on Social Mobility’s inquiry into access to the leading professions.

17 January 2017