Closing gaps early

The poorest children are

11 months

behind when starting school

Closing Gaps Early

Selective Comprehensives 2017

High performing comprehensive schools take in

half the number

of poorer pupils than the average school

Selective Comprehensives

Disadvantaged students are

twice as likely

to leave formal education without GCSEs in English and maths than their better-off classmates

EEF’s The Attainment Gap

Elitist Britain 2019

Britain’s most influential people are

over 5 times

more likely to have been to private school

Elitist Britain 2019

Access to advantage

8 top schools

send as many pupils to Oxbridge as three-quarters of all schools

Access to Advantage

Recent Changes in Intergenerational Mobility in Britain

This means if you’re born into a well off family, you’re

more than 2.5x times

more likely to end up wealthy yourself

Recent Changes to Intergenerational Mobility in Britain

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To change this, we work at every stage of a young person's life. We want to make sure that every child – no matter who their parents are, what school they go to, or where they live – has the chance to succeed.

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