Major new cohort study examining the long-term impact of the pandemic on educational inequality and social mobility.

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Attainment and Assessment

Exploring pupils' perceptions of assessment during the pandemic (COSMO study initial findings)

26 May 2023
Financial Inequalities and the Pandemic

How did the pandemic impact family finances, mental health and attainment? (COSMO study initial findings)

School Funding and Pupil Premium 2023

How are schools using their funding during the cost of living crisis?

26 April 2023
Tutoring: The New Landscape

An updated picture of the current tutoring landscape.

09 March 2023
Equal hours?

New analysis on the impact of the number of hours that young children have in early years education.

31 January 2023
COVID-19: Health Impacts and Behaviours

How are unequal health outcomes from the pandemic impacting young people? (COSMO study initial findings)

Cost of Living and University Students

How are students being impacted by the increasing cost of living?

26 January 2023
The Recent Evolution of Apprenticeships

What are the trends in apprenticeship take-up since 2015?

Cost of Living and Education 2022

What impact is the cost of living crisis having on pupils?

02 December 2022