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Our agenda-setting research identifies the root causes of low social mobility and promotes effective solutions through education and employment.

Since 1997 we've published over 250 reports, many of which have gone on to influence national policy.


Major new cohort study examining the long-term impact of the pandemic on educational inequality and social mobility.

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Parliamentary Privilege 2024

What are the educational backgrounds of the new MPs elected to the House of Commons?

05 July 2024
Bridging the Gap

A closer look at access to and progression within the engineering sector.

23 February 2022
Social Mobility in the Workplace: An Employer...

Our guide to improving social mobility in your workplace.

29 July 2020
Covid-19 Impacts: Access to the Workplace

Our final impact brief looks at the effects of the pandemic on graduate recruitment.

29 July 2020
Sutton Trust Cabinet Analysis 2020

Our analysis of the cabinet following Boris Johnson's reshuffle.

13 February 2020
Elites in the UK: Pulling Away?

An analysis of the economic, social and geographic distinctiveness of the UK’s elite.

Parliamentary Privilege 2019

Our analysis of the educational background of the new House of Commons.

13 December 2019
Social Mobility Polling 2019

Ahead of the General Election, we surveyed the British public on their attitudes to social mobility and opportunity.

20 November 2019
Mobility Manifesto 2019

Ahead of the 2019 election campaign, we set out an ambitious agenda to address Britain’s low mobility problem.

07 November 2019