Major new cohort study examining the long-term impact of the pandemic on educational inequality and social mobility.

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Cost of Living and University Students

How are students being impacted by the increasing cost of living?

26 January 2023
A levels and University Access 2022

We look at the impact of Covid as students sit their first exams in three years.

04 August 2022
Universities and Social Mobility

The clearest picture yet of universities and social mobility.

A-levels and University Access 2021

What are the effects of this year's exam disruption?

29 July 2021
Inequality in the Highest Degree?

Postgraduates, prices and participation.

Measuring Disadvantage

An analysis of the best ways to improve contextual admissions.

14 May 2021
University Admissions: The International Picture

An analysis of PQA and PQO systems around the world.

12 May 2021
The University of Life

Employability and essential life skills at university.

Covid-19 and the University Experience

The impact of the pandemic on the wider university experience.

25 February 2021