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About the APPG

All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPG) are cross-party groups of MPs and Peers that explore issues in depth and draw their attention to parliamentarians. The APPG on Social Mobility was set up to discuss and evaluate key issues, research and indicators of social mobility and barriers to it. Previously, the APPG on Social Mobility has explored character development and early years, culminating with the Character and Resilience Manifesto. The Sutton Trust became the group secretariat in December 2015.

2017-18 APPG inquiry

The APPG on Social Mobility was formed in 2011 to “discuss and promote the cause of social mobility; to raise issues of concern and help inform policy makers and opinion formers.”  We seek to investigate the challenges for policymakers to ensure life chances are not limited by background.

Following the successful inquiry into the barriers facing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds accessing the top professions, the APPG launched its new inquiry in November 2017. This year’s inquiry will be looking at the gap in attainment between pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and those from more affluent backgrounds and why this gap is more pronounced in different parts of the country. You can read more on the inquiry here.

We will be posting regular updates on the APPG as the inquiry moves forward. For more information, please email Javneet Ghuman (Sutton Trust Parliamentary and Policy Officer).

The first session sought to give an overview of the regional attainment gap, discussing where the disparities lie and what underpins them as well as why narrowing this gap is so important for increasing social mobility. Read the minutes of the first session or catch up with our blog.

The second session explored regional examples of best practice, including from the London Challenge, the Somerset Challenge and the Norwich Opportunity Partnership. Read the minutes of the latest session or catch up with our blog.

Summary of the 2016 APPG inquiry

Following the publication of our report Leading People 2016, the Sutton Trust worked with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility to lead a parliamentary inquiry into access into leading professions. The inquiry explored what is being done to increase access for those from disadvantaged backgrounds into the leading professions such as law, finance, medicine, journalism and politics, and what more could be done. The APPG’s report, Class Ceiling, was published in January 2017. You can read the report here.

This session explored the perception that law, finance and professional services are dominated by people from particular demographic backgrounds. The session asked whether this is the case, how we can address the issue if so, and what is being done by charities and the professions to widen access. Panelists included representatives from the charity sector, as well as senior representatives from the professions themselves.

This session investigated why the medical profession is recruiting such a disproportionate number of people educated in the independent sector. The issue of access into medicine emerged as one of particular interest following the publication of the Sutton Trust’s report Leading People 2016. This session included representatives from across the medical profession from organisations such as the Medical Schools Council, the Royal College of Nursing and a Junior Doctor.

This session of the Social Mobility APPG ‘s inquiry into access into leading professions explored how politics and the civil may be more representative of society so that people do not feel alienated from them, as recent developments suggest they could be. Panelists included Dan Jarvis MP (Parliamentary Champion of the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placement Scheme), beneficiaries of the scheme, and Cabinet Office Minister Ben Gummer MP.

This session of the Social Mobility APPG‘s inquiry into entertainment and media explored challenges for accessing the entertainment and media professions, with some discussion regarding unpaid internships, and an agreement that there was a need for a more diverse group of people producing the news that we consume. This session saw senior representatives from the media and arts sector including actor Michael Sheen, as well as representatives from National Council for the Training of Journalists, Sky News and ITV.

APPG Officers

Justin Madders MP, Chair
Justin Madders MP, Chair
Baroness Tyler of Enfield, Co-Chair
Baroness Tyler of Enfield, Co-Chair
Stephen Timms MP, Vice Chair
Stephen Timms MP, Vice Chair
Lucy Allen MP, Vice Chair
Lucy Allen MP, Vice Chair
Siobhain McDonagh MP
Siobhain McDonagh MP Vice Chair
Lucy Powell MP
Lucy Powell MP Vice Chair
Baroness Morris of Yardley
Baroness Morris of Yardley Vice Chair