Report Overview

A summary of the evaluation by NFER into the Into University programme. IntoUniversity is an educational programme aimed at children and young people who are most at risk of failing to meet their potential to go to university owing to economic, social, cultural or linguistic disadvantage. Funded by the Sutton Trust, it began in 2002 and has grown to reach in excess of 1500 children and young people each year in the local area, on site and through school-based work.

Key Findings

The evidence in this report supports the conclusion that the IntoUniversity programme has a positive, transformational impact on children and young people in terms of their academic success, attitudes to learning and social skills; all of which are key elements of helping children and young people to aspire and achieve. It was clear that IntoUniversity had played a key role in helping children and young people in clarifying, supporting and strengthening their aspirations and achieving their goals.


Given the overall positive impact the programme is having on young people, the research team recommend the further expansion and funding of the programme.