Major new cohort study examining the long-term impact of the pandemic on educational inequality and social mobility.

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Home to School Transport Survey

Evidence submitted by the Sutton Trust to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee Inquiry into Home to School...

01 February 2003
Teacher Qualifications

A comprehensive study of teachers' qualifications, showing that private school students are much more likely to be taught by...

Supporting Students Applying to Higher Education

In spring 2001, the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) carried out a survey, commissioned jointly by The Sutton...

MORI Schools Survey 2002 Sutton Trust

Marked-up questionnaire - presents findings from the 2002 Survey of Secondary School Pupils carried out by MORI on behalf...

01 May 2002
Topline Results: MORI Schools’ Omnibus ...

Topline results for survey.  

01 May 2002
Educational Apartheid – A Practical Way...

No other country has a two-nation education system, where the most powerful people in society opt out of the...

01 November 2001
A Pilot of Aptitude Testing for University En...

The results of a National Foundation for Educational Research study which showed that introducing an SAT could help less...

Aptitude Testing for University Entrance: A L...

The authoritative National Foundation for Educational Research study on aptitude testing for university entrance.

01 February 2001
Entry to Leading Universities

An influential study, which exposed the massive under-representation of state school and working class students at our leading universities.

01 May 2000