Major new cohort study examining the long-term impact of the pandemic on educational inequality and social mobility.

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Room at the Top

Supporting access to leading universities across the world.

20 November 2020
Global University Access and Covid-19

How the pandemic has affected universities across the globe.

20 November 2020
COVID-19 Impacts: University Access

How university applicants and students are affected.

University Aspirations 2019

We surveyed young people to find out how they feel about higher education.

14 August 2019
University Aspirations 2018

The Sutton Trust's annual survey of young people on their hopes for higher education.

15 August 2018
The Lost Part-Timers

Prof Claire Callender and John Thompson investigate the decline in part-time students in England.

15 March 2018
Fairer Fees

Fairer Fees assesses reforms to student finance which would introduce means-tested fees and reinstate maintenance grants.

16 November 2017
Aspirations Polling 2017

Our annual polling with Ipsos MORI on the higher education aspirations of young people aged 11-16.

09 August 2017
Mobility Manifesto 2017

Our Mobility Manifesto sets out ten policies to put social mobility at the heart of the 2017 election campaign.

03 May 2017