Major new cohort study examining the long-term impact of the pandemic on educational inequality and social mobility.

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Stories from the Class of 2023

Hear from young people on their pandemic experiences and their plans for future.

09 August 2023
Jan Paul Schlindwein, Milo Warby, Matthew Holt, Helen KenneyAsma Ali Farah,
Speaking Up

How does accent impact social mobility?

Sutton Trust Cabinet Analysis 2022 (Rishi Sunak)

What are the education backgrounds of Rishi Sunak's cabinet?

26 October 2022
Sutton Trust Cabinet Analysis 2022 (Liz Truss)

Our analysis of the education backgrounds of the Liz Truss' new Cabinet.

07 September 2022
Social Mobility: Past, Present and Future

An updated picture of social mobility in Britain to mark our 25th anniversary.

Sutton Trust Cabinet Analysis 2021

What are the educational backgrounds of the new cabinet?

15 September 2021
Fairness First: Social Mobility, Covid and Ed...

Our priorities for education recovery.

20 May 2021
Lost Learning, Lost Earnings

We calculated the potential economic impact of school closures.

Social Mobility and COVID-19

We look at the potential impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

07 April 2020