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Our agenda-setting research identifies the root causes of low social mobility and promotes effective solutions through education and employment.

Since 1997 we've published over 200 reports, many of which have gone on to influence national policy.


Major new cohort study examining the long-term impact of the pandemic on educational inequality and social mobility.

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Primed for Success

Institute of Education Study looking at the characteristics and practices of state schools with good track records of entry...

Ten Year Review of Sutton Trust Summer Schools

Sutton Trust Summer School students from non-traditional backgrounds do well in degrees.

01 March 2008
Knowing Where to Study? Fees, Bursaries and F...

Poorer students have little knowledge of bursaries on offer, and some are deterred from university by fear of debt,...

University Admissions by Individual Schools

This study documents the extent to which a few highly socially and academically selective schools dominate admissions to the...

01 February 2008
MORI Teachers’ Survey 2007

Survey of 500 teachers reveals that only half would generally recommend their brightest students to apply to Oxbridge.

30 December 2007
Retention and Widening Participation in the F...

Engineering courses at Glasgow University, within the agendas of retention and widening participation.

01 October 2007
A qualitative evaluation of the ‘Into Unive...

An evaluation by NFER into the IntoUniversity programme which was developed by the St Clements and St James Community...

01 April 2007
A qualitative evaluation of the ‘Into U...

A summary of the evaluation by NFER into the Into University programme.

01 April 2007
State School Admissions to our Leading Univer...

An updated analysis of university access by the Sutton Trust based on the 2002/3 figures generated by the Higher...

01 March 2005