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Our agenda-setting research identifies the root causes of low social mobility and promotes effective solutions through education and employment.

Since 1997 we've published over 200 reports, many of which have gone on to influence national policy.


Major new cohort study examining the long-term impact of the pandemic on educational inequality and social mobility.

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The Educational Backgrounds of Vice Chancellors

A report looking at the school and university backgrounds of the leaders of UK Higher Education.

30 November 2008
The Educational and Career Trajectories of As...

Research by the Institute of Education which shows that students of similar intelligence and background in private schools achieve...

01 July 2006
The Educational Backgrounds of Leading Journa...

A survey of the educational backgrounds of the country's leading news journalists, which reveals that the majority have attended...

01 June 2006
The Educational Backgrounds of Members of the...

This study looks at the educational profile of members of the Houses of Lord and Commons. It finds that...

01 December 2005
The Educational Backgrounds of the UK’s...

A comparison of the educational backgrounds of leading barristers, judges and solicitors between 1988/89 and the present.

15 May 2005
Nobel Prizes – The Changing Pattern of ...

An analysis of where Nobel Prize winners were based, showing the increasing dominance of American universities. The research by...

01 September 2003