• The access rate is defined as the proportion of students who were eligible for Free School Meals at age 16. The success rate is the proportion of this group who then entered the top 20% of incomes at age 30.
  • For universities with small numbers of disadvantaged students (fewer than 6), access and success rates will appear blank.
  • Access rates for mid 2000s cohort includes those starting university up to and including the age of 20, while for the mid 2010s figures, those starting at age 20 were not possible to include.
  • The ‘Other Measures’ tab includes a variety of adjusted mobility rates for the mid 2000s cohort, taking into account the characteristics of student intakes, a geographical adjustment taking into account the cost of living where a graduate resides, as well as rates for graduates entering the top 40% of incomes and the top 5% of incomes. For more details see the full report here.

Notes: See above

Notes: For courses with fewer than 6 FSM students, names are omitted.