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23 Nov 2022

Almost half of young people experiencing mental health problems

New research from the COSMO Study finds worrying data on young people's mental health.

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03 Nov 2022

Over a quarter of senior professionals from working-class backgrounds have been singled out for their accent in the workplace

What is the relationship between accents and social mobility?

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26 Oct 2022

Nearly two-thirds of new cabinet attended independent schools and almost half attended Oxbridge

Our analysis of the education backgrounds of Rishi Sunak's cabinet.

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13 Oct 2022

Landmark study shows the impact of the pandemic on young people

Wave 1 findings from the COSMO study have been published.

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07 Sep 2022

More than two-thirds of new cabinet attended independent schools

Our analysis of the new cabinet assembled by Prime Minister Liz Truss.

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04 Aug 2022

Over 1 in 5 A-Level students missed more than 20 days of school due to Covid-19 in run up to exams this year

Our polling reveals how pupils and teachers feel about the first exams in three years.

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