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25 May 2023

New research reveals worrying links between poverty, mental health and GCSE grades

New research from the COSMO Study on the financial impacts of the pandemic.

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26 Apr 2023

Headteachers report sharp increase in cuts to teaching assistants, school trips, support staff and sports

Our annual polling reveals a worrying picture of school funding.

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09 Mar 2023

New data shows large inequalities in use of private tutoring, but National Tutoring Programme is levelling the playing field

Our latest research takes a closer look at tutoring trends.

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06 Mar 2023

New polling on the impact of the cost of living crisis on students

New polling exploring the impacts of students taking on paid work alongside their studies.

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26 Jan 2023

A quarter of students at risk of dropping out of university due to cost of living crisis

Our polling on how the cost of living crisis is impacting students.

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10 Jan 2023

Sutton Trust university access programme for lower-income pupils now available at University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield joins our UK Summer School programmes.

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