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21 Apr 2022

Two thirds of primary heads report insufficient catch-up funding

Our annual polling of teachers looks at how schools are using their funding this year.

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10 Mar 2022

Pupils four times less likely to say they have received substantial guidance on apprenticeships than university

An up-to-date picture of careers guidance and advice across secondary schools in England.

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23 Feb 2022

Engineering more socio-economically diverse than most other sectors, but barriers remain

A closer look at access to and progression within the engineering sector.

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21 Dec 2021

New report examines apprenticeship outreach and offers employers tips on how to target and improve their work

 New Sutton Trust research on apprenticeship outreach. A new report from the Sutton Trust looks...

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24 Nov 2021

Disadvantaged young people four times more likely to become socially mobile if they attend university

New research looks at the role universities play in social mobility.

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22 Oct 2021

Disadvantaged students in FE colleges are more likely to progress to university than their disadvantaged peers in similar sixth forms

According to latest research from the Sutton Trust.

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