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14 Mar 2023

Levelling up opportunities should be a budget priority

What could, and should, be included in the Spring Budget.

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06 Mar 2023

Student voices: The cost of living crisis

We hear the student perspective on the cost of living crisis.

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24 Feb 2023

Alumni reflections on the Careers Plus programme

Hear directly from our alumni on their Careers Plus experience.

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06 Feb 2023

Sustaining practitioner learning in early years settings with speech and language therapist support

Learnings from Phase 2 of the CECIL project on early years education.

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06 Feb 2023

How can educators help shift the dial on vocational pathways?

How can schools and teachers help young people engage with apprenticeships?

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26 Jan 2023

Drop-out crisis looms if students are not supported through crisis

Analysis of our latest polling on the cost of living crisis and students.

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