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19 Jul 2024

Labour’s mostly state-educated Cabinet must push fair HE access

The makeup of the new cabinet should prompt more action on widening access.

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10 Jul 2024

Is England’s squad in a class of their own?

Where did players in England's men's Euros 2024 squad go to school?

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05 Jul 2024

The stomping ground of the political elite: Why does Oxford produce so many Prime Ministers?

Why have so many Prime Ministers been educated at one institution?

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03 Jul 2024

Why the next government must champion social mobility

Our Alumni Leadership Board member, Maisie, discusses education policy ahead of the election.

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01 Jul 2024

Inequality in the UK: what do young people think?

How do young Brits view social mobility, opportunity and inequality?

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27 Jun 2024

Is social mobility on the ballot?

What do the British public think about social mobility?

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