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What is social mobility?

Social mobility is about ensuring the opportunities open to a young person are not dependent on the economic and social position they were born into. High levels of social mobility mean that people from all backgrounds are able to access the opportunities suited to their talents and aspirations. It’s crucial for creating a fairer society, fostering social cohesion and boosting economic growth.

Can you advise on social mobility measures?

It’s difficult for us to provide advice on complex criteria for different organisations. However we suggest that you look at our Social Mobility in the Workplace: An Employers Guide which contains all of our practical advice for monitoring and improving socio-economic diversity in the workplace.

You could also look at our UK Summer School website and the eligibility criteria. This is the criteria we use for all our programmes. 

How can I support the Trust?

There are many ways to get involved in our work. Take a look at the support us page, which has details on how to get in contact and the various ways you can support us.  

I run a project you might be interested in. Who should I contact?

The funding we receive goes directly to our own programmes and research, so we can’t support other projects. If you’re looking to trial a programme or project, you might want to get in touch with our sister charity, the Education Endowment Foundation. 

Can you provide funding for an individual student's studies?

All our funding goes on our programmes and research, so we can’t provide funding for individuals. If you are applying to university, you could contact the university you are interested in to see what funding opportunities or scholarships they have available. 

Can you give information or advice on university admissions or careers?

We don’t give advice to individuals. We recommend you take a look at the UCAS website, which provides helpful advice on both. 

What are the Sutton Trust's programmes?

Our programmes help young people from less advantaged backgrounds to access leading universities and careers. In partnership with universities and employers, we run engaging programmes that give students practical advice and leave them feeling inspired and more confident about their future.

Our programmes are completely free to attend. All costs – including travel, accommodation, food and activities – are paid for by the Trust and our partners.

For information on each programme, how to register your interest, and how to make an application please visit our programmes page. 

What programmes do you currently run?

We run a whole range of engaging programmes to help young people make informed descisions about their next steps. These include UK Summer Schools, the US Programme, Pathways to Banking and Finance, Pathways to STEM, Pathways to Medicine, Pathways to Law, Pathways to Law Plus, and Sutton Scholars. Take a look at our programmes page for more details. 

How can I apply to your programmes?

Have a look at our programmes page for details on how to apply. 

Do you have to stay in a university for the programme?

Students on our UK Summer Schools stay in university accommodation to get the full university experience. The accommodation will vary depending on which university you apply to, so double check with them if you want to know more. 

Can the Sutton Trust come to speak about programmes at events?

As we’re a small team at the Trust, we’re not able to send representatives to speak about our programmes at events. Students can visit our website to find out more about our work, and how to apply to our programmes. Our UK Summer School website has resources teachers can use in assemblies to promote our programmes. 

Can my organisation collaborate or partner with the Sutton Trust on a current/new programme?

If you’d like to explore a strategic funding partnership or would like to discuss employee volunteering on one or more of our programmes please see our corporate partnerships page.

Can I volunteer on your programmes?

Volunteering for specific programmes is arranged through our partners. If your company is looking to explore volunteering on one or more of our programmes, please contact us and select the ‘partnerships and employer engagement’ option.

What year do I need to be in to apply?

Take a look at our programmes page to see the eligibility requirements for each programme.  

Can I apply for or attend more than one programme or multiple courses on the same programme?

You can apply for more than one programme, but if your applications are successful you can only attend one.  

Can I apply if I can't attend the whole programme?

No, students are expected to attend all elements of our programmes. Our programmes are heavily oversubscribed and there are many students who would benefit from the opportunity to attend. 

Can I apply if I attend(ed) a private school?

Unfortunately if you attended a private school at any time during your education, you’re not eligible to apply. This includes students who receive scholarships or bursaries. If you are unsure of your school type, you can use this website to check. Some universities will show flexibility if you are currently in or have been in care. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Can I apply if I don't live in the UK?

Unfortunately our programmes are only open to students currently studying in the UK. If you have previously been to an international school, but are now educated in the UK, you can apply as long as you meet the programme eligibility requirements. 

Can I apply if I've been home-schooled?

Yes. When asked for your previous and current school on Step 3 of the application form, please select ‘Home Educated’ from the drop-down menu where appropriate.

What is the likelihood of getting accepted onto a programme?

Our programmes are heavily oversubscribed, and some courses and universities are more oversubscribed than others. We encourage applicants to select the course that best fits their interest. 

When will I hear the outcome of my application?

Timelines differ depending on the programme you applied to. Please visit our programme page for more information. 

Is a personal statement required for applications?

Some of our programmes involve a short personal statement, including our Pathways programmes and the US Programme. 

How can I change my course or university choice?

Contact us either through our applications email address, or using our contact form, and we can update your application. Please include a detailed description of what you would like to change. 

What should I do if no emails have come through to me or my teacher?

Check your spam or junk folders first. If nothing has come through, contact us either through our applications email address, or using our contact form. 

If I am appealing my grades, what should I do?

Places on our programmes are not given on a first-come-first-served basis. This means there is no advantage to applying early.

We therefore advise that you apply to the programme once you have your appeal results. If you do not receive these before the deadline for applications, please let us know that you have applied without your appealed results so that we can make a note of this on your application.

If my application is successful, what will I need to access the digital elements of the programme?

Digital sessions will be delivered using an online video platform such as Zoom. This can be accessed on a number of devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. It is advised that this device has a camera and microphone so that you can engage in the online sessions as much as possible.

How does the Sutton Trust commission research?

We work with a combination of external academics and our in-house research team. Our programme of research is developed internally on an annual basis, considering recent and future trends in evidence and policy, according to our organisational priorities. Unfortunately, we do not accept external proposals. 

I have an idea for a research piece - can I partner with the Sutton Trust, or can the Trust fund my research?

Our programme of research is developed internally, so we do not accept or fund external proposals.  

Can I use Sutton Trust research?

If you are from a publishing company or part of a profit-making venture, please contact us. If you are looking to cite a piece of research for academic or schoolwork, please do so correctly referencing the Trust. 

Can you help with my research/project/dissertation?

We are a small team at the Trust, and cannot offer extensive help with external research. If you have questions on our past reports or would like to ask the team a few short questions, please contact us. 

Where can I find your past reports?

All of our past reports can be found on our research page. 

Can you share data used in your reports?

We cannot share original report data, as this often includes individual data.  

Does the Sutton Trust support individual campaigns?

Our policy work spans across many different areas therefore we cannot take up additional individual campaigns. 

I have an issue with local education provision, or an idea for projects or improvements. Can you help?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to provide advice in individual cases however here are a few resources that may be able to help you. 

  • Speak to your MP 

Members of Parliament are there to represent you, to take up your case and give advice. They have the power to liaise with local government and national government departments. 

You can use this website to find out who represents you. 

Citizens’ Advice is a great resource for information and support. It is free, confidential and independent. 

Do you offer work experience at the Sutton Trust?

We’re a small team at the Trust, so we can’t offer work experience at our offices. Work experience placements in industry are available to students who are enrolled on one of our Pathways programmes. 

Can I volunteer at the Sutton Trust?

Volunteering for specific programmes is arranged through our partners. If your company is looking to offer placements for one of our Pathways programmes, please contact us and direct your query to Gemma Collins. We do not offer volunteering opportunities at the Trust’s offices. 

Do you accept speculative job applications?

We don’t accept speculative applications. Please keep an eye on our contact page for details of upcoming vacancies and how to apply. 

How can I contact your media team?

If you are a journalist, you can contact Sam or Rocky on 0204 536 4642. This number is also monitored out of hours. If you are not a journalist, please use our contact form for any other queries. 

Can I use your school or teacher mailing lists?

We can’t share mailing lists due to data protection regulations. 

Can a representative from the Sutton Trust speak at my school/college?

Unfortunately, as we are a small team at the Trust, we can’t send representatives to speak at schools. Students are welcome to visit our website to find out more about our work, and how to apply to our programmes. Our UK Summer School website has resources teachers can use in assemblies to promote our programmes. 

Can you promote my event/campaign/project?

Please contact us with details of your event/campaign/project. We are happy to share details on social media of events etc. that are relevant to the Trust’s work and mission, provided they do not contradict any of our policies. 

Do you accept guest articles or blog posts?

We don’t accept guest posts, as our content is developed internally. 

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