Thank you for your interest in our Pathways programmes! Before you start your application, please read the information below on whether you are eligible to apply.

Students applying to Pathways must meet the following criteria:

  • In Year 12 at the start of this academic year (Except for Pathways to Medicine at Imperial College London, where you must be in Year 11)

  • Attending a state-funded, non-fee-paying school in the UK. You must also have never attended a fee-paying school

  • Living within a reasonable commuting distance of the university that you are applying to. This usually means a maximum of an hour’s travel to the university. If you are unsure about whether this applies to you, please email us at [email protected]

We also assess applications on the following criteria. The more of these you meet, the more chance your application has of being accepted.

  • Whether you have achieved at least 5 9/6 (or A*/B) grades at GCSE or equivalent, with at least two 9/7 (A*/A) grades.

  • Whether you are the first generation in your family to attend university

  • Whether you were eligible for Free School Meals whilst you were at school

  • Whether you attend a school or college with a below-average A-Level point score and/or a low rate of progression to Higher Education

  • Whether you live in a neighbourhood with a low rate of progression to higher education and/or a high level of socio-economic deprivation

Closing dates

University Closing date
Hull York Medical School 1st January   
The University of Newcastle 26th November
the University of Nottingham 11th November

Imperial College London applications for the Year 11 Pathways to Medicine programme will open in November. For more information about this programme, and to apply, please see this link.

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University Closing date
Leeds 31st October
Leicester 11th November
Liverpool 31st October
London 29th September
Manchester 30th September
Newcastle 25th October
Nottingham & Nottingham Trent 11th November
Oxford 20th October
Warwick 11th October

For Pathways to Law at Exeter, please follow this link as you cannot apply for this programme using our application form.

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University Closing date
London (LSE) 13th October
Warwick 18th October
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