What the programme offers

Regular Support Webinars

Regular Support Webinars

Webinars designed to support you and your students through this uncertain time. Each of these webinars will include:

  • In-depth research on current issues
  • Access to support channels for you and your students
  • Learn how the Sutton Trust programmes can directly support your students
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Half Term Opportunities

Half Term Opportunities

Every half term you will be emailed with opportunities and an accessible resource to help you implement each step.

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Online Personal statement builder

Online Personal statement builder

The OSCAR platform hosts the tools and resources needed to implement development plans. This contains a personal statement builder that all your students can access, giving them support to plan, structure and edit their statement. You will have full oversight of where each of your students are in their progress.

Programme Structure

The next webinar will take place on Thursday 23rd September at 4pm and 6pm, you can sign up for each session using the attached links. We will cover the resources and knowledge needed to provide useful support for Personal Statements. 

We will update this page regularly with confirmed dates for each session. You can sign up for the confirmed sessions below. Each topic will take place twice – once at 4pm and again at 6pm. You can click on those links below to reserve your place. We will update the table below with webinars as they are confirmed. 

Date Session Blurb
Thursday 23rd September Personal Statement Catch Up- 4pm & 6pm Our partners, Causeway Education, run through practical guidance on how to engage students in writing Personal Statements and what admissions teams are actually looking for.
Tuesday 5th October Pathways Webinar – 5th October –  4pm & 6pm The Sutton Trust run through our upcoming programmes for students, how they can get involved and how you can support and engage them in our programmes.
Thursday 14th October Supporting students to make ambitious choices – 4pm & 6pm Our partners at Causeway Education run through how we can present the options for Higher Education to students and help support and empower them to make ambitious choices.
Tuesday 9th November Preparing for Successful Higher Education Encounters – 4pm & 6pm Our partners at Causeway Education run through practical advice and guidance on how we can set students up to be interested and engaged with Higher Education.
Tuesday 16th November Study Opportunities in the US – 4pm & 6pm This session will include an introduction to undergraduate study in the US, advice to help students choose where to apply, funding opportunities and information on the application structure and components, including documents provided by the school.
Tuesday 7th December Ideal Timeline for Higher Education – 4pm & 6pm Our partners at Causeway Education run through the ideal timeline for Higher Education – what we should do and when – in helping to support students.

Programme Partners

This programme is run in partnership with Causeway Education.


Our partners Causeway Education have created some resources to help teachers support students who are thinking about university. For access, please email us at [email protected]

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