Who’s Who study sheds new light on power of old boy network

Haroon Siddique quotes Conor Ryan, Director of Research and Communications, following LSE’s Who’s Who report released today. 


Conor Ryan, director of research at the Sutton Trust foundation, said the study highlighted the need to “ensure that access to the best schools and universities is not restricted to those from better off backgrounds.

“Doing so has a major social and economic cost, and prevents talented people from low and middle income backgrounds achieving their potential, and making a full contribution to modern Britain.”

The HMC chair, Chris King, accused the authors of criticising excellence. “This research shows the consistent quality of these schools through times of change in society and government policy,” he said.

“It is wrong and illogical suggest the richness of their extra curricular provision ‘signals’ male status; in fact it is the essence of a rounded education and helps develop resilience, team work and appreciation of others’ points of view.”

He added that independent schools were increasingly sharing teachers and facilities with their state counterparts.


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