Sir Peter Lampl: Grading up

Sir Peter Lampl wrote to The Times letters page on Bristol’s university access plans

Tom Bennett (Thunderer, Dec 17) criticises Bristol University for accepting poorer students on lower grades. While he is right not to want to patronise students, he is wrong to assume that without such radical measures we can address an access gap at our best universities revealed last week to be tenfold between the richest and poorest students.

Such contextual policies are not enough. Students need better advice on subject choices; comprehensives must do more to stretch their able students; and summer schools for sixth-formers like those we run with Bristol and other leading universities can encourage students to fulfil their academic potential.

However, Bristol is to be commended for recognising how much harder it can be to get good grades at a tough inner-city school than in a fee-paying independent. That must be part of the mix.

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