In response to the review of higher education funding announced today by the government, Sir Peter Lampl commented that:

“We welcome the review of higher education funding. Disadvantaged students now leave university with the highest levels of debt which is grossly unfair. It is essential that maintenance grants be restored. Additionally fees should be cut for most students and means tested so those from disadvantaged backgrounds pay little or no fees. Reducing and means testing fees, restoring maintenance grants and continuing to grow outreach work are vital to increasing social mobility.”

The Prime Minister is right to include apprenticeships in the review. Despite recent growth there are fewer than 10,000 degree apprenticeships each year for young people compared to 330,000 undergraduates.  Apprentices earn while they learn, come out with no or little debt and have skills which the marketplace values.  Hence lifetime earnings are on average better than those for many degree courses. The review should consider how to make degree apprenticeships a realistic option for all young people.”

The Sutton Trust response was covered by the Metro and the Sun.

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