Poorest ‘should not pay uni tuition fees’

Sutton Trust report, Fairer Fees, released today is mentioned by Alison Kershaw in an article for the Metro. 


Students from the richest homes should pay £12,250 a year in university tuition fees, while the poorest pay nothing, a charity claims.

A means-tested system could cut average student debt by a third, with those from the most disadvantaged families benefiting the most, says a Sutton Trust study.

The social mobility charity called for a system where students from households with an income of under £25,000 would pay no tuition fees, while those from homes with an income of over £100,000 would pay £12,250 with a sliding scale for people in between.

Analysis by London Economics for the Sutton Trust concluded that raising the repayment threshold will mean 45 per cent of student debt will never be paid back, while four out of five graduates will not repay their loans in full.



Read the full article here.

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