Poor UK lads classed out

The Sun’s Lynn Davidson cites findings from our Class differences: Ethnicity and disadvantage report.

Poor white boys get the lowest GCSE grades of any ethnic group in Britain, a report reveals today.

Three-quarters of the working-class group fail to achieve five good marks.

And only a third of poor white girls gain five good GCSEs.


The Sutton Trust study showed over the past decade disadvantaged Bangladeshi, black African and Chinese pupils all improved grades by more than 20 percentage points — far above the national average.

Researchers said the difference could be due to improvements in city schools and cultural attitudes.

Trust chief Sir Peter Lampl said it was “particularly concerning” that poor white pupils were still performing badly.

He called for efforts to encourage white working-class communities to “harness the will to learn” of many ethnic minority groups.

“We need a more concerted effort with white working class boys, in particular.

“This should ensure that every pupil, regardless of family income, gender or ethnicity has the chance to succeed.”

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