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Oxbridge graduates ‘earn double £200,000 Russell Group premium’

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Josie Gurney-Read reported for the Daily Telegraph on the Sutton Trust Levels of Success report

Graduates from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge can expect to earn over £400,000 more during their lifetime than peers in other higher education institutions – double the £200,000 earning premium afforded to other members of the elite Russell Group.

The figures suggest that students at the two ancient institutions will earn an average £1.8 million over a lifetime, compared with £1.39 million earned by those with a non-Russell Group degree.

Meanwhile, graduates with qualifications from fellow Russell Group institutions, can expect £1.6 million over a lifetime.

 The numbers, calculated by management consultancy, the Boston Consulting Group, highlight the “significant” premium to a graduate’s earning potential from attending a top institution.

In terms of an annual average, this equates to £45,850 for Oxford and Cambridge graduates, compared with £40,960 for graduates from Russell Group institutions – over a 10 per cent difference.

The calculations, published in a new report from education charity, the Sutton Trust, reflect figures published last December that highlighted the earning advantages enjoyed by students from the elite institutions.

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