Owen Jones: Our private school elite’s dominance isn’t just unfair. It damages us all

Guardian columnist Owen Jones wrote about our Leading People report.

personal spat between two men who attended the same school, friends since university, both members of the restaurant-trashing Bullingdon Club: that is what has become of the debate over Britain’s EU membership. It doesn’t stop at the Boris Johnson-David Cameron psychodrama, of course. Stanley Johnson, the London mayor’s father and a former Conservative MEP, takes to the airwaves to defend his son from allegations of careerism. And his brother, the Conservative minister Jo, deletes a retweet of their other brother, the broadcaster Leo, ridiculing Boris’s stance.

Dizzy? As the latest Sutton Trust study into the backgrounds of Britain’s elites underlines, we shouldn’t be surprised. It underlines the findings of repeated studies: that from politics to the media (yes, this newspaper included) to high court judges to film and theatre, the privately educated – 7% of the population – reign supreme.

Read his full column here.

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