Lee Elliot Major: Sharp-elbowed, middle-class parents will stop at nothing

Our Chief Executive, Lee Elliot Major, writes in the TES on social selection at top comprehensive schools.

Social selection at our top-performing secondary schools manifests itself in myriad ways. Poorer pupils can be priced out of the catchment areas of popular comprehensives because local houses can cost as much as £45,700 more than those nearby. And even those young people who do live locally are less likely to get a school place: four-fifths (85 per cent) of comprehensive schools at the top of England’s GCSE tables enrolled a significantly lower proportion of disadvantaged pupils than the proportion of disadvantaged children in their catchments.

Faith schools are the most socially selective group of all. Yet even these can’t compete with the ex

And social segregation doesn’t end on national admissions day.

Poorer students are more likely to be permanently excluded from schools – replaced by middle-class children assiduously waiting on reserve pupil lists.


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