Could you be a Sun Scholar?

The Sun relaunches Sun Scholars to help recruit to the Sutton Trust summer schools

TOO many intelligent kids from ordinary families are missing out on the chance to go to the country’s top universities.

Today we are relaunching our Sun Scholars scheme to help bright youngsters achieve their full potential.


Sun Scholars will attend a summer school at one of 11 leading universities including Cambridge, Bristol, Durham, St Andrews, Imperial College London, Nottingham and Warwick.

The summer schools, for up to 2,000 pupils, last for one week but won’t cost you a penny to attend, with travel and food while you are there also paid for.

The scheme is organised by The Sutton Trust, a charity set up by Sir Peter Lampl, who believes in giving clever youngsters a helping hand.

For the piece, the Sun also profiled summer schools success story Dr Leigh Fletcher

Rocket scientist Dr Leigh Fletcher was a beneficiary of the scheme the first time around.

How Leigh Fletcher became a space boffin isn’t rocket science. After a week at Cambridge University with a Sun Scholars summer school he was inspired to study there.

After graduating, the state school kid from Hinckley, Leics, spent time working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

Doctor Fletcher as he is now known, is a University Research Fellow funded by the Royal Society to study the solar system.

He was inspired to make it to Cambridge University after attending a Sun Scholars summer school.

He also lectures at the University of Leicester. Married father-of-two Leigh says: “My nan spotted the application form in the newspaper and posted it to me. I won a place all down to her.

“I was 17 and suddenly invited to world-renowned Cambridge University. Every child should have the chance to unlock their talents and develop and shine, especially from backgrounds who wouldn’t normally have that opportunity. That’s what The Sutton Trust does for kids. It’s a fantastic scheme.”

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