Amy Oliver quoted the Sutton Trust in a report on private tutoring for the Mail on Sunday.

It is the dark and shameful secret harboured by mothers at the gates of state and private schools alike. It is not even whispered amid the cosy informality of coffee mornings, the bonhomie of the school fete or at the rounds of birthday parties.

There, parents fret that their children would rather play than do their homework. Nobody mentions which senior schools their little ones are applying for – among the sharp-elbowed middle classes, the answers will be disingenuous, if not downright lies.

But the secret is out. Last week it was revealed that there has been a massive boom in private tutoring for primary-age children.


One in four families in Britain has hired a tutor, according to research by education charity Sutton Trust. Will Orr-Ewing, who owns a tutoring company, told the first conference of the Tutors’ Association last week that demand had risen sharply in recent years. ‘One of the most important factors has been that Eton ripped up the system of giving priority to children registered at birth, and most independent schools followed suit,’ he said.

The report also highlighted Sutton Trust data in a fact box:

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Read the full report here

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