The Sunday Times reports on new Sutton Trust analysis of the schools with most Oxbridge entries.

A new analysis by the Sutton Trust reveals that in 2011-12 five top schools  supplied as many entrants to Oxbridge as 1,800 state schools who also send  it students.

Westminster, Eton, St Paul’s, Hills Road Sixth Form College (Cambridge) and  Peter Symonds College (Winchester) produced 260 Oxbridge students.

The trust’s Lee Elliott Major said: “The concern is that a small cadre of  schools and colleges is tightening its grip on elite university places.”

The proportion of A-level students from comprehensives progressing to the  country’s 30 most demanding universities fell from 23% in 2008-9 to 19% in  2011-12.

Read the article here (£). Read Lee Elliot Major’s blog on this issue here.


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