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31 Dec 2004

Match funding schemes would boost fundraising for UK universities

The Government should introduce a match funding scheme to increase private donations to UK universities,...

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30 Dec 2004

More poor students going to top universities

The number of students from poorer backgrounds admitted to the UK's leading universities has increased...

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01 Dec 2004

Teachers support Tomlinson, but more cautious over academies

Nearly two out of three secondary school teachers in England and Wales support the Tomlinson...

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01 Aug 2004

Benchmarks row detracts from rapid rise in state school entrants to top universities

The row about the increase in the benchmarks for state school students attending our leading...

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01 Jul 2004

Prime Minister speaks at Fabian lecture sponsored by the Sutton Trust

In a major Fabian lecture on education sponsored by the Sutton Trust, on the eve...

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31 May 2004

Half the country would send their children to private schools

Half the parents in the country would be likely to send their children to private...

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