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20 Apr 2007

Sir Peter Lampl: Letter to the New York Times

This letter from Sir Peter Lampl was published in the New York Times following the...

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27 Mar 2007

Big spender – The Guardian

Introducing a new interview series in 2007, Peter Wilby talked to philanthropist Sir Peter Lampl...

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01 Jan 2007

£1m programme to help non-privileged students attend top local universities

The Goldman Sachs Foundation and the Sutton Trust are working together to fund an Academic...

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01 Apr 2006

£1.5m charitable donation to widen access to legal profession

The College of Law and the Sutton Trust today announced major donations worth £1.5m to...

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01 Jul 2005

Student applications rise for top university summer schools

A record number of nearly 2,700 sixth formers from state schools and colleges from across...

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02 Nov 2004

Sir Peter Lampl: How we fail our students

Sir Peter Lampl wrote for The Times on new university access benchmarks.

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