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20 May 2012

Sir Peter Lampl: We’ve created a society for non-doms, but not for children in our schools

Sir Peter Lampl writes for The Observer on tackling social immobility.

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11 May 2012

Peter Lampl: Should teachers be paid by results?

Sir Peter Lampl debates performance related pay with the NUT's Christine Blower in The Times.

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27 Feb 2012

Sir Peter Lampl: Let’s put British youngsters in the Ivy League

Sir Peter Lampl writes in The Times on plans for Sutton Trust US summer schools.

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16 Jan 2012

Sir Peter Lampl: Ability to think must trump ability to pay

Sir Peter Lampl makes the case for the Sutton Trust Open Access scheme in The...

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25 Oct 2011

Sir Peter Lampl: Why should only rich kids grow up to be judges?

Sir Peter Lampl writes in The Times on the need for improved social mobility in...

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12 Jul 2011

Peter Lampl: Forget costly UK universities. Go to America

Sir Peter Lampl writes on the bursaries available at leading US universities in The Times.

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