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23 Nov 2022

Almost half of young people experiencing mental health problems

New research from the COSMO Study finds worrying data on young people's mental health.

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10 Nov 2022

Sutton Trust responds to the Office for Students’ consultation on a new approach to regulating equality of opportunity

Our response to the OfS consultation on regulating equality of opportunity.

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10 Nov 2022

Sutton Trust analysis of new KS5 data

The disadvantage gap at this level is at its widest since 2016.

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20 Oct 2022

Sutton Trust comment on new Key Stage 4 data

A decade of progress in narrowing the attainment gap has reversed.

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25 Aug 2022

Sutton Trust comment on GCSE Results Day 2022

What are the takeaways from this year's GCSE results?

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18 Aug 2022

Sutton Trust response to A-level results 2022

Our comments on this year's A level results.

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