Lynn Davidson quotes Sutton Trust Founder Sir Peter Lampl in an article for the Sun on the newly announced funding for grammar schools.

EDUCATION Secretary Damian Hinds will unveil a £50million push to create thousands more grammar school places on Friday.

Under the plans selective schools will get cash to expand but must find ways to boost the number of disadvantaged pupils they bring in.

Announcing a new wave of free school applications, Mr Hinds said ministers wanted to give parents “greater choice” and “give children of all backgrounds access to a world-class education”.

But school leaders criticised the decision, saying they were “disappointed” the Government was spending “scarce funding” on expanding grammars.

Schools which select pupils based on their academic ability – will also have to show proof there is a need for extra places in their area to get the money.

Education Secretary Damian Hinds said hundreds of thousands of new school places have been created since 2010, but the Government wants to “make sure every family can access a good school”.


Sir Peter Lampl, founder of the Sutton Trust, said existing grammars should be expected to do more to support social mobility.

He said: “We welcome the commitment by the grammar school heads to prioritise pupil premium pupils and improve outreach.

“However, all grammars should ensure that disadvantaged pupils who reach the minimum test score are admitted by right – as happens at some Birmingham grammars.”

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