On the last day of our programmes this summer, we reflect and celebrate another successful year of programme delivery.

This summer we have travelled up and down the country – and even further afield to New York, Boston and Philadelphia – visiting our programmes: UK Summer Schools, US Programme, Pathways to Law and Banking & Finance residentials, Teacher Summer Schools, Sutton Scholar residentials, Academic Apprenticeships and Access Champions.

Working with over 30 universities and delivery partners, our programmes have involved more than 3000 students from over 1200 schools. These programmes have supported young people to explore their options, raise their aspirations, and provided them with the tools and information needed to navigate the higher education system. One summer school student reflected on his experience:

“Before this week I never would have considered London universities. I wouldn’t have even come to an open day before this – I was just going to stay local. It has really widened my horizons”.

This years’ programmes have been jam-packed with activities, ranging from building heart-rate monitors at Imperial and learning sheep-handling technique at the Royal Veterinary College, to visiting Harvard and MIT in the US, creating new political parties at Sutton Scholars and getting industry tips from leading figures in the Legal and Banking professions.

And it’s not just students who’ve been involved – 80 teachers this year attended our Teacher Summer School with Oxford University. They learnt how to better support their students through the university admissions process, with one teacher saying:

“It was inspirational for me, and refuelled my enthusiasm and commitment to my students, my teaching & my subject!”

A huge thank you to everyone who has taken part in one of our programmes this summer, particularly our alumni ambassadors who have returned to give their time to support young people from similar backgrounds to themselves. One alum told us:

I wanted to be part of somebody else’s journey, so being an ambassador is a chance to give back and say thank you to the programme for what it has given me.”

We are thrilled to be welcoming a whole new cohort of driven and inspiring alumni to the Sutton Trust community and already can’t wait for next year!

Applications for Pathways 2019 open today, and summer school applications open in January 2019.

Hear more from those who took part in our programmes…

“I feel it is as much an opportunity for us as it is for them. We are able to, as mentors, empower young people who grew up in similar circumstances to us, those who look and talk like us, to believe in the fact that they too can access the highly competitive legal profession without the feeling of impostor syndrome.

Banu Hammad (Pathways to Law, 2016) on volunteering at the Pathways to Law residential.

“It is an amazing opportunity to experience the workings of the financial sector, even if you don’t know that you want to go into banking, it gives you an invaluable insight.”

Pathways to Banking & Finance student.

“After attending the summer school I feel more confident about applying to study medicine and being successful at it. Before attending the summer school I had my doubts about my abilities but after speaking to current medical students I was able to get rid of many of these worries, as I realised that even though medicine is competitive, if I prepare enough and try my best there is a possibility that I might get in.”

UK Summer School student, University Nottingham.

“The first Sutton Scholars event he came to, he just couldn’t stop talking about it. He was so excited for what he’d learnt about medicine and went and did his own research when he got back, continuously talking animatedly to anyone he met about what he’d done. Physically coming to university for Sutton Scholars really push him, stretch and inspire him in a different way than school does. He can relate to the student ambassadors in a way he doesn’t always with his teachers.”

Parent of a Sutton Scholars student.

Featured photo courtesy of the Royal Veterinary College.

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