Elitist Britain 2019

The figure below displays the pathways taken by those in the most influential positions, through education from school to university. On the left side are the schools they attended. The flows from left to right then represent the pathways taken from those in each type of school to university, with the size of the ‘flow’ representing the size of the group.


How they got there

Independent School → Oxbridge: 22Comprehensive School → No University: 12Independent School → Other Russell Group: 10Comprehensive School → Other Russell Group: 10Comprehensive School → Non Russell Group: 9Independent School → No University: 8Grammar School → Oxbridge: 8Independent School → Non Russell Group: 7Grammar School → Other Russell Group: 6Comprehensive School → Oxbridge: 6Grammar School → No University: 5Grammar School → Non Russell Group: 4Independent School: 47Independent SchoolGrammar School: 23Grammar SchoolComprehensive School: 37Comprehensive SchoolOxbridge: 36OxbridgeOther Russell Group: 26Other Russell GroupNon Russell Group: 20Non Russell GroupNo University: 25No University

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*Percentage change since 2014 study

Sector Profession
Independent School