Free For All?

This report, co-authored with NFER, takes a snapshot of the free school programme in England.

Unpaid, Unadvertised, Unfair

This brief analyses the latest data to examine the cost of taking an unpaid internship in 2018.

30 January 2018
Cabinet Analysis 2018

Our analysis of the educational background of Theresa May’s 2018 cabinet.

09 January 2018
Fairer Fees

Fairer Fees assesses reforms to student finance which would introduce means-tested fees and reinstate maintenance grants.

16 November 2017
Life Lessons

We commissioned new polling on perceptions of life skills and explore provision for life skills development in state schools.

11 October 2017
Parliamentary Privilege – The MPs 2017

Our analysis of the educational backgrounds of MPs after the June 2017 election.

10 June 2017