“Yet, we now have to lead a path forward on tackling social mobility. The good news is that we increasingly know what works, in no small part thanks to the Sutton Trust. I think your 20 years are 20 years to be truly proud of. You have raised the debate on social mobility with your pioneering research into the education backgrounds of the UK’s leaders. From doctors and lawyers, to chief executives. I am delighted to have helped out with your statistics on comprehensively educated Cabinet Ministers.

But crucially…you are a ‘do tank’. You have acted on problems you have shone a light on. Your Summer Schools have helped tens of thousands of young people from poorer backgrounds to get into the most prestigious universities. Your Pathways Programmes have helped thousands of young people from low-income households into the leading professions. From law, to medicine, to banking. And you co-founded with us the Education Endowment Foundation, to identify what works in education to improve outcomes for our most disadvantaged pupils.

With its help, we are actually now starting to close the attainment gap. Yet in so many ways, throughout these 20 years, in my mind the Sutton Trust has never been sufficiently recognised for the importance of its work to our country. That now needs to change. It has to.”

Justine Greening MP, Justine Greening Secretary of State for Education 2016-18, pictured left with Sir Peter Lampl, speaking at the Sutton Trust Social Mobility Summit in July 2017

“The Sutton Trust really is what you yourself say. Not just a think tank but a do tank. Not just leading thought but leading action. So thank you to everyone involved for all the work that you’ve been doing. Congratulations on your 15th anniversary and here’s to another great 15 years ahead”

David Cameron, Prime Minister 2010-2016, Congratulating Sutton Trust on its 15th anniversary year

“Let me … pay tribute … to the work of the Sutton Trust … for your tireless advocacy – for years now – and promotion of a more socially mobile society. Your voice and, equally important, your activities, are hugely important to the ambition … to allow all our children to fulfil their potential.”

Nick Clegg MP, Deputy Prime Minister 2010-2015, speaking at the Social Mobility Summit 2012

“Increasing social mobility and social justice is what the Sutton Trust is about and it is crucial to the long-term prosperity of this country that we continue our educational reforms and our broader efforts to improve the life chances of all young people.”

Gordon Brown, Prime Minister 2007 – 2010

“Peter Lampl has not only helped tens of thousands of individual children but has had a lasting effect on educational policy, and on the way that people think about the issues facing children from non-privileged backgrounds.”

Tony Blair, Prime Minister 1997 – 2007

“Sir Peter and the Trust do so much to fight injustice and help the disadvantaged. The Trust’s research shows that how far you travel in this country is determined by your background – where and to whom you were born. That is a national tragedy and one that the Sutton Trust, through its project work, its summer schools, its research and its policy advocacy has tried tirelessly to address. We need the Sutton Trust to hold us to account; to constructively criticise us when we should be better and hold our hand to the tiller.”

Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education 2010-2014

“The Sutton Trust over the past fifteen years has done an extraordinary job of campaigning for social mobility and equal opportunity in this country, and also making it happen from its summer schools to its academic work, to its lobbying of government. It is a truly extraordinary organisation and I would say it is the best advocate we have in this country among think tanks and that world for creating equal opportunity and making Britain a fairer place.”

Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Opposition 2010-2015

“The Sutton Trust – with Sir Peter at the helm – has a long track record of working tirelessly to extend opportunity to the poorest and most disadvantaged in our society…..For years, the Sutton Trust has sought to reverse the education inequalities that sadly still exist in our society – a goal that lies at the centre of this government’s work, too.”

Nicky Morgan MP, Former Secretary of State for Education, speaking at the Sutton Trust/EEF Pupil Premium Summit, July 2015