Megan’s experience on our US Programme was transformational. We heard from her on her journey getting to the programme, and where she’s gone since. The US Programme is also celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year, so we’ll be sharing stories from this group alongside our Trust anniversary celebrations.

Alongside her career, Megan is an active member of our alumni community and recently organised a meet-up with other alums in New York City, where she lives.

“I am from Hertfordshire and joined the Sutton Trust US Programme while I was in Sixth Form. Through the programme I was successful in applying to Lafayette College in Easton Pennsylvania. I graduated from Lafayette in 2021 with a BA in History. I am now living my ultimate dream by living and working in New York City.”

“The programme was even better than I expected, as it opened up my mind to an academic culture and opportunities that I had no idea existed. It was great to be surrounded by people who had similar backgrounds and work ethics/ambitions as me. We are still in contact but don’t communicate that often – I know I can send them a text/DM and they would be happy to connect.

Before the programme, I had a very loose idea that I wanted to go into law. The Sutton Trust US Programme really help by showing me that I didn’t need to make that decision straight away because they showed me the opportunities available at liberal arts colleges/ the US higher education system.”

I truly wouldn’t be where I am today without the programme. Not just from a logistical perspective, but also because of the confidence it gave me. I distinctly remember in one of the first sessions I attended after being accepted into the programme, one of the speakers/someone who worked for the programme explicitly said that we wouldn’t be in the programme if we didn’t deserve to be here. That was the first time someone had ever said that to me and it began to shift my perspective on what I was capable of and what I could achieve.”

Every story we collect from our alumni as part of our 25th celebrations, helps inspire the next generation of students to aim for careers they might never have thought of. If you, like Megan, want to share your story with us – just get in touch with the alumni team via [email protected].

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