“The work of the Sutton Trust to improve social mobility is more vital than ever. In the 20 years since I set up the Trust we have put social mobility on the map. We need to act on two fronts to maximise our chance of improving social mobility. We need to step up the battle against educational disadvantage. And we need to open up opportunities in the workplace. We will also increase our impact on public attitudes and government policy. And we want to establish the Trust in perpetuity. I hope that you are compelled to work with us. Together we can make a difference.”

Sir Peter Lampl, Chairman

Our enduring influence

Sutton Trust 2022 strategy

1. Provide educational opportunities for bright young people from low and moderate income backgrounds.

2. Develop programmes to help bright students from low and moderate income backgrounds get into the workplace.

3. Secure the Trust’s work in perpetuity.

Focusing on 6 priorities across education and the workplace

Access to top universities
Access to the professions
Degree and high level apprenticeships
Essential life skills
School years (11-16)
Early years

The Challenge

Low social mobility is likely to be more pressing for future generations – leading to a tragic waste of talent and damaging society and the economy

In education: Disadvantage starts before birth and goes right through to adulthood.

In the workplace: Those who are privately educated are overrepresented in top jobs. We need far more high and degree level apprenticeships.

Social mobility is lower in Britain (and the Unites States) than in other developed nations. UK annual GDP could be boosted by 2.1% by raising social mobility to the western European average.

Programmes and innovation

Research and advocacy

Together we can achieve our goals

Raising £60 million over the next five years