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April 19, 2018 The Sutton Trust

The Sutton Trust commissioned surveys of teachers and school leaders in England and the United States looking at attitudes to evidence, how targeted money for less well-off pupils is spent, and teacher perceptions of charter schools and academy trusts.


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Stop Start

April 5, 2018 George Smith, Kathy Sylva, Pam Sammons, Teresa Smith, with Aghogho Omonigho

The latest research for the Trust from Prof Kathy Sylva, Prof Pam Sammons and their team at the University of Oxford analyses the decline, adaptation and struggle of Sure Start children’s centres across England.

The Lost Part-Timers

March 15, 2018 Claire Callender, John Thompson

Prof Claire Callender and John Thompson investigate the decline in part-time students in England and the effect this has had on social mobility. 

What We Do

The Sutton Trust has produced and commissioned over 200 pieces of research on policy and practice across the broad and complex area of social mobility – from the early years through to university access – reflecting the varied obstacles facing young people from non-privileged backgrounds.

Our research has produced some astonishing statistics which reveal the current state of low social mobility in the UK and the disproportionate representation of the most affluent independent school students in top universities and professions.

In this way, our research informs government, educational practitioners and policy-makers, helping to shape education and employment policy and practice.