Social Mobility

The Sutton Trust is concerned with social mobility at all stages of education and employment, and is committed to improving access to top schools, universities, and professions for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. This section explores evidence on aspects of social mobility which span multiple life stages or lie outside of formal institutions. Our robust and high-impact research over the last twenty years has put social mobility on the agenda, both in parliament and in the public eye. Crucial to this has been several widely-cited and influential reports on the state of intergenerational mobility in the UK in an international context, showing the country lagging significantly behind.

Our research investigates factors influencing achievement across life stages like parenting, ethnicity, housing opportunities, cultural perceptions, learned personality traits, and access to information. We have also analysed outcomes like earning potential over time, and created the Social Mobility Index to highlight regional and local disparities in the life chances of those from less well-off backgrounds.