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Early Years Projects

A child’s life chances are heavily determined at birth. Disadvantaged children start lagging behind their better off peers before they start school. Our research has highlighted the main causes of this attainment gap, and  the importance of developing secure attachments between parent and child, good parenting and home environment.

We are working in partnership with the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation on a parental engagement project that develops best practice for disadvantaged children through engaging parents in their child’s learning and development.

The Parental Engagement Fund (PEF) supports six projects, all aimed at improving children’s cognitive development. Funding for the projects began in April 2015, and will continue for two years to the end of 2017.

A team of research experts from the University of Oxford are acting as ‘critical friends’ to the six projects. They are providing support throughout the two years to help each organisation develop their monitoring and evaluation strategies and identify the key elements of successful parental engagement interventions.

If you have any questions please email Laura Barbour, Early Years Lead at the Trust.

Please note, there is no further funding available from the Parental Engagement Fund.

The Parental Engagement Fund is kindly funded by: