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Very low social mobility
Low social mobility
Moderate social mobility
High social mobility
Very high social mobility
Low High

Overall rank
Free School Meals Eligibility
Early Years
Primary Education
Secondary Education
University Access
Access to Professional Occupations

About the Map

There are 533 constituencies in England. To find out which constituency you belong to click here.

The Sutton Trust Mobility Map ranks constituencies, with 1 showing the constituency with the highest levels of social mobility and 533 showing the least socially mobile constituency.

As well as showing overall social mobility, each constituency has been ranked on five key indicators at different life stages (Again, with 1 being the best and 533 being the worst).

Finally, the map shows levels of disadvantage within each constituency by the proportion of students eligible for Pupil Premium funding in both primary and secondary schools (eg, low FSM = low levels of disadvantage).

To find out more about the Mobility Map and the data underpinning it click here.