Teacher Summer Schools

Teachers play a critical role in advising and shaping the aspirations of bright state school pupils from low and middle income backgrounds. Our summer schools support teachers to ensure they have up-to-date knowledge and skills to provide accurate information about access to leading universities, as well as helps them to provide academic challenge to their highest ability students.

The Sutton Trust is delighted to be supporting, thanks to the generous funding of HSBC and our partner universities, the country’s largest programme of subject specific Teacher Summer Schools to boost access to the country’s leading universities.

In 2017, the Sutton Trust will provide this opportunity to 210 teachers across four participating universities:

The Teacher Summer Schools are completely free to attend and last a few days, depending on institution. They are aimed at teachers in schools and colleges which have relatively few students accessing highly selective universities and which serve areas of socio-economic need.  Funding for some cover costs is also available to ensure that finance is not a barrier to participation, particularly for teachers from the most challenging schools and colleges.

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