Access Accountancy is an ambitious collaboration of employers and professional bodies, dedicated to improving access to the accountancy profession. The Trust is very proud to act as the Secretariat for Access Accountancy. We have played a vital role in providing both strategic and administrative support to the charity.

Access Accountancy is a movement for change across the accountancy profession. Accountancy firms and professional membership bodies in the sector have committed to delivering real change by welcoming talented and ambitious young people to the profession from all backgrounds. They recognise that work experience placements are a great opportunity to learn more about the accountancy profession. A number of employers have signed up and committed to offering work experience placements where students get to explore what the day-to-day life of an accountant is like, while also gaining new skills and enjoying new experiences.

Access Accountancy signatories commit to measurable outcomes, which aim to deliver real change and welcome talented and ambitious young people to the profession from all backgrounds. Access Accountancy signatories are committed to:

  • Providing a target number of 30 hour work placements, depending on their size and capacity, to students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Collecting and monitoring socioeconomic data of applicants and hires on an annual basis
  • Taking part in externally validated reviews of Access Accountancy
  • Generating interest in accountancy by delivering common messages in more target schools and colleges

You can learn more about Access Accountancy via their website: