Why the UK apprenticeship levy is struggling to boost social mobility

Jonathan Moules quotes Sir Peter Lampl on social mobility and the apprenticeship levy in an article for the Financial Times.

“These apprenticeships are potentially powerful drivers of social mobility,” said Peter Lampl, chairman of the Sutton Trust. “But, much like the university sector, we need to create a culture of fair access in the apprenticeships sector.”

One way to do this would be to increase transparency about the amount of levy money that is spent on different types of apprenticeships so that social mobility targets can be set for reaching people at different stages of education, from school leavers to university students, according to Sir Peter.

It would also help if employers were allowed to spend some of their levy money on activities to widen participation, such as outreach to young people who are under-represented in higher level apprenticeships, said Sir Peter. “We shouldn’t be complacent about unequal access to the highest quality apprenticeships,” he added.


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