Eleanor Harding quotes Sir Peter Lampl on new Department for Education figures.

“Those who study biology earn £20,600 on average, while those who study English literature earn £19,200. Subjects with the lowest average earnings include Urdu producing £13,900; Arabic with £14,600; and dance with £16,300.

Yesterday, social mobility charity the Sutton Trust said it hoped the data would help pupils make more informed choices for sixth form.

Chairman Sir Peter Lampl said: ‘This includes knowing the prospects and financial rewards for studying certain subjects and degrees. But it is important that this is part of a broad careers offering that starts early in school. This is particularly crucial for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, who may not have access to the same networks and advice as their middle-class classmates.’

The figures, from the Department for Education, draw on tax data to reveal what people in England who took their A-levels in 2010/11 were earning in 2016/17.”

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